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The Secret Gem

Written By Katrina Grantham

Illustrations Designed By Josiah Grantham

The Secret Gem is about a young boy who was born with a secret gem buried inside of him which reveals itself in an amazing way! It holds a message of hope, faith, and infinite possibilities for your life, no matter how the present situation may seem. Most importantly, it implies the birth rite to a marveling future our youth can look forward to. Infused with courage and fueled by love, The Secret Gem is a brilliant and creative way to plant a lasting seed of self-efficacy within each reader.

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     You Are Way More Powerful                                         Than You Think You Are.

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Meet the Author

Katrina Grantham is a business owner, custom sneaker artist, accomplished violinist, founder of The Grantham Institute (a remote learning program), and the author of The Secret Gem. Her roller derby name is "MsKay Slays". When Katrina is not writing children’s books, she spends time as a wife to a supportive husband, mother of two brilliant and loving boys. As a retired actuarial analyst and consultant, Katrina did not consider herself an author prior to publishing The Secret Gem. However, she found it important to share what she considers information each child should hear repeatedly.

Katrina believes The Secret Gem will, at most, spark a child to believe in and create a future of his or her dreams, and at the very least, cause a child to wonder if it’s possible. The Secret Gem marks Katrina’s debut as an author and the foundation for future inspiring releases.

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     It's                                        Possible.

Meet the Illustration Designer

Josiah Grantham is the mastermind behind the illustrations of The Secret Gem. “His illustrations brought the meaning behind the words to a level I never even knew existed,” says Katrina.


Josiah is a high school sophomore and has been recognized as a Black Scholar and high honor roll student. When Josiah is not filling notepads with drawings, he spends his time teaching Tae Kwon Do classes as a Second Degree Black Belt under Unified Tae Kwon Do Rocs, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends. Josiah has been an active church member since birth where he has participated in the youth choir, youth usher board, and A/V team.

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